Interior Swing/Pivot Doors

Door Types

Interior Swing Doors
Interior Swing Door with Jamb/Casing - Panel Flush with Casing
Interior Swing Doors
Hinged Interior Doors - Door Overlaps Frame / Rabbeted Edge (German Standard)
Interior Swing Doors
Interior Swing Door - Flush with the Wall : with concealed frame and concealed hinges
Interior Swing Doors
Frameless Swing, Sliding and Shower Doors
Interior Swing Doors
Modern PIVOT DOORS – Unique Design Statement

Door Frame Systems

German Edge

Rabbeted Edge – in the rebated version, the door leaf rests on the cladding.

German Edge
American Edge

Door Flush with Frame – in the flush version, the door leaf forms an almost flush level with the frame cladding.

Flush To The Wall

Flush to the wall (concealed) doors use concealed adjustable door hinges and unique jambs that are installed as part of the wall construction.

Finish Options and Upgrades

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